Dash Camera Solutions


Do you know why most people get a dash camera?

The most common answer we see is this. "My vehicle was hit (carpark) and there was no information left behind, I am now stuck with the cost" which in some cases, can be thousands of dollars. It saddens us to see this happen and we only wish our customers would have considered a dash camera solution earlier. Yes, our cameras record when the car is parked, switched off and unattended. Don't wait until its too late! 

Dash cameras are a necessity in 2020. We've integrated countless solutions for our customers and its only getting more popular. You have the option of Front and Rear or Front Only. The dash camera will continuously record while the vehicle is on. We can also add Parking Mode which ensures the cameras keep recording even when the vehicle is unattended and switched off. 


 - Provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road incident: false accusations can be disputed.
- Save money on paying insurance excess if an incident wasn’t your fault + maintain your no claim history.
- Lower premiums with select insurance companies.
- Provides protection and evidence from hit and run incidents, car theft and malicious damage.
- Change driving behaviour and protect our roads. Hoon/dangerous drivers are becoming increasingly aware that their behaviour could be recorded.
- Employers can monitor and ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles.


The team here at AES pride themselves on quality. From customer service to installation processes, we believe in quality over quantity. That goes for our dash camera solutions too. You will not be offered a solution that has not been thoroughly tested in a range of vehicles and scenarios. 

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