Sound Systems

Get the most out of your entertainment system! 

Music lovers are often disappointed with the quality of their factory sound system. Upgrading the speakers in your car will improve the sound quality, the addition of an amplifier will drastically improve the sound quality. New cars, though are much better, still cannot compete with high quality after-market systems. 

The team at AES have had the pleasure of upgrading sound systems in a wide range of vehicles, from adding speakers to cars made in the 50's to removing factory amplified systems in new cars and re-wiring a complete solution. 

We love working with great brands such as:


Looking for that extra punch?  Subwoofers really help drive the deeper notes in the music and just helps fulfil the sound. Now you can go from filling in the music with the extra bass to having the windows flex from it, completely up to you. 


For all jobs big or small, don't hesitate to contact the team and we will help you find the perfect solution.